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Monday, 17 October 2011

Before & After

For details of my In Color Ribbon share please see here.

At team training on Saturday I was presented with the Clear Block Caddy by my lovely upline Jules for reaching Bronze 3 on the Stampin' Up! Career Ladder.

I have recenty converted to Clear Blockism & admit to being a bit addicted to them at the moment so the caddy is a great addition to my storage tools.
When I unpacked it on Saturday night my first thought was 'that needs jazzing up a bit!!' but wasn't quite sure how. Then in the shower yesterday morning I thought of the Decor Elements Stampin' Up! Logo I had received in my Starter Pack (I have some of my most inspirational moments in the shower lol!!) but didn't really know what to do with it.
Voila PERFECT! for the front of the caddy.


  1. Ooh well done on your Bronze 3! I just got my caddy delivered by Mr Brown today... and guess what? I still have my logo to use too, so I'm knicking your idea!! Thanks!