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Thursday, 27 March 2008

Christening Card

I saw this in a Creativity mag several months ago but never had the occasion to use it. The lady who ordered it had already bought an exploding baby box when her granddaughter was born so wanted something different. I wasn't sure about the 'very pink' vellum I used but unfortunately it was one of those I left to the night before it was needed so didn't have time to change it. I haven't seen her since I dropped it off so I'm hoping she liked it.


  1. wow ~ you are so clever!! hope the lady is just as delighted!!
    vanessa xx

  2. I bet the lady loved it.
    Well done it's gorgeous.
    kerry x

  3. I could have sworn I have already left a message on this! Perhaps I really am going mad?
    Anyway babe its fantastic. I love the colours and the card is so unusual...well done you!

  4. Fab cards Sharon, a really lovely start to your blog - I will visit again to see how you are getting on!
    Happy Crafting
    Chris x

  5. rrrrrr this is so beautiful and clever. I really love it x

  6. Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog Sharon! You've won one of my Pif's - would you e-mail me your address please so I can send on your goodies.
    Chris x

  7. Wow this is fabulous, great design

  8. Beautiful,it is lovable. Olga.

  9. Fab card Sharon !
    Your pif will be posted to you tomorrow .I also noticed My best friend Chris is posting you a pif too . she's the lady I craft with every week.You watch you'll end up with the same stuff from both of us
    loving your blog

  10. Beautiful work realy stunning ,Dawnx