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Monday, 31 March 2008

A Pink Petticoat Day

I suppose the whole idea of having a blog is to show the cards you've made and hopefully give othere some inspiration. So how does that work if there is too much blogging and not enough card making. The result is a big gap in the posts on your blog and lots of comments on other peoples blog LOL!!
So I decided today to use the Pink Petticoat images I coloured in before the girls broke up for Easter. The images were all the same & the theme for the cards is all the same but the cards are all different.
I have used a couple of kickstand cards as well. These are very popular as they are a bit different.


  1. Wow! Sharon you have been busy today. The cards are all fabulous!

  2. Mmm, which one do I like the best? Can't decide as they are all Fab! Kerry xxx

  3. great cards, amazing how the same can be so different. I do the same. And well done on your award. x

  4. HI Sharon.
    Just wanted to say thanks for dropping in and leaving me a message. Your blog is fab, and I can see just why you say this is addictive!!

  5. Great cards.....I think I like the one with the black and white one the best. But, they are all put together wonderfully, its just the big flower with the big brad and that image did it for me the most :-)