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Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Katharina's 10,000 hits Blog Candy

Katharina has the most amazing blog candy on offer to celebrate reaching 10,000 hits ( not surprising as her work is amazing & so inspirational) Whizz on over to her blog & find out, you'll be amazed!!!


  1. Please hurry up and come back! I'm missing you!
    SJ x

  2. Surely, you must be back by now???

    Please give me your support. Luke has a new girlfriend since Friday. Have to say he usually has a girl in tow -but this one feels different. She's is so gorgeous and um... voluptuous that I think I have to face the fact that he is no longer my little boy, but a teenager.

    My friends have caught them holding hands and kissing backstage incessantly apparently -glad I haven't. So I feel like all these first time school mum's, but in the teenage world -very strange.

    Please hold thumbs -he has a mega audition in the offing. In fact we have had to submit photos first, but have heard a whisper that he is high up on the shortlist. I think this one may come down to height and he has grown so much during the holiday. He is now 5 foot 7 -and to my mind a little tall for the part they are trying to cast, but it is a few thousand seater theatre so he might get away with it. I've told him his chances are about as good as winning a reality TV casting!!!

    Hope you've had a great time in Ireland. Please send news of you and the girls. Missing you!

    SJ xxx

  3. Hi Chuck, just passing by to say hello as not heard from you in ages! hope you and your lovely family are well X