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Thursday, 11 September 2008

Where did the time go ?????

I can't believe we're nearly half way through September & I haven't posted for a month !!!!!!

My last post was just before I went on holiday to Ireland & I think my Mojo was washed away with the rain LOL!!!

I just can't seem to get myself motivated & haven't been near my craft room for a couple of weeks!!! The Whiff of Joy stamps I ordered in August are still unopened & worst of all . . . . . . now sit down for this . . . . . . I haven't bought any craft items for over a month !!!!!!!!

I started back at work on Monday after a 5 year career break & my crafting seems to have taken a back seat at the moment.

I'm still checking out your blogs & getting lots of inspiration but just can't seem to put it into practice at the moment.

My blog may stay quiet for a little while but I'll be back lol!!!!


Rach said...

Hope you find your Mojo. hugs rachxxx

SammieJay said...

Understand completely having had it happen to me when I returned to work in May. Quite scared myself into wearing brown trousers for a while LOL! Now check out where I am -I can't stop and the same will happen to you when life settles. Thanks for continuing to visit and thinking of you BIG TIME. Love to the girls.

Natalie said...

Great to hear from you, I look forward to your new cards. x

MeandLilG said...

Oh no, don't leave us!! Come back! I need your inspiration!!! Hope the new job is working out, hun xxxx

Cass said...

Good to see you back!

Cass xxx

Diane.W. said...

Nice to see you back :o)x

juliejules said...

Hi Sharon, great to see you back, hope you get your mojo back soon!!! Orders need to be in for SU club soon, some new SU goodies are what you need to get you back into it!!! New catty out soon!!! DOnt forget my house 2nd October for the launch night, you can collect your new catalogue!!! Jules xx

pickle said...

Hi Sharon, great to see you back!
Hope your new job is going well. It must be quite a shock to the system after 5 years. I'm sure you will get into the swing of things soon and hopefully have the time and energy to make some of your beautiful cards.
kerry x

Janet said...

Welcome back Sharon! and good luck with the new job. You will come back to your crafting once you are in a routine and life settles again. I am sure you will manage a bit of blog hopping too now and again. It's the perfect way to relax when there is nothing on telly and you have a glass of wine in your hand lol X

nessy said...

well i wondered what had happened to you!! now i know ~welcome back sharon ~have missed you and your wonderful work!!
vanessa xx

Macpurp said...

how you doing being back at work?
hope things settle down soon and your mojo returns.

love Tina

mar1ene said...

Oh my gosh Sharon, do you want me to come over and shake you a bit!!

Sometimes a break is all you need to get your mojo back, I know I did when I took some time out in august.

Miss your gorgeous creations tho.. so hurry and get those cobwebs from your stash..lol

Hugs, Marlene x

Stacey said...

I've decided that holidays kill mojos. I've just got back from a week in Corfu and my mojo has deserted me! I am going to force myself to get stuck back in I think! Hope you find yours soon. Hope you are enjoying your new job! ~x~

Lesley said...

Hi huni.....I hope that u get back into the card making groove soon...lol....I hope that u dont mind but I have been tagged so I am tagging u....xxxx

SammieJay said...

Luke got cast -we are SOOOOOOO excited!!! Please start blogging again soon!?!?!
SammieJay xxx


Hello Sharon, welcome back! I had the same with my mojo a while back, infact it hasn't quite returned, but im getting there. Yours will be back soon, as you made so many lovely cards! I am impressed that you havn't brought anything in a month, I wish I could say the same, or at least my husband could wish!! You will soon be using those lovely whiff of joy stamps and producing stunning cards, I know it! Well done on starting work, I hope you are enjoying it? Don't abandon your craft room completely though. Big hugs Linda x

SammieJay said...

Oh dear -are you really this busy? Missing you and hope you are ok.
SJ xxx

SammieJay said...

Just glad to know that you are active and look forward to seeing some new creations whenever.
Much love,
SJ xxx