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Sunday, 10 April 2016

Quick Tip For The Rose Garden Die

Two posts in one day but I just had to share these tips with you.

This week I've run two classes and we've used the small rose from the Rose Wonder die to make the flower on this card.

The ladies had a bit of a problem with so many pieces to keep under control as they had to die cut the Rose in three different colours to get the stained glass effect.

I was determined to find a solution before Saturdays class & set out to find post it notes with a fully sticky back . . . . . but no luck.

Then yesterday morning I had a Eureka moment and thought I'd share it.

First die cut the Rose.

Then use Washi Tape on the back of the die. I've used retired Stampin' Up! Washi tape & taken some of the stickiness off by sticking it to my sleeve first.

Use the new Die Brush & Mat to release the card from the die or just push the pieces out. The brush & mat is really worth the investment though.

The bits come out perfectly and stay in the Rose shape and make it so easy to pick the pieces you want to piece in the rose outline.

Another tip for placing the tiny pieces is to put blue tack on the end of a ball tool and use it to pick up and place them.

Hope you find these tips useful and thanks for dropping by today. Happycrafting. 

Sharon x


  1. What a good tip. I have been decorating so havn't had time to play with all my new stash. I think I feel a play coming on.... Linda x

  2. Two great tips Sharon! And fabulous card...... Thx for sharing ...

  3. thanx for the tips & I love the finished effect of the rose :) xXx

  4. Brilliant!!! I have the post-it's too! Found them amongst the 'study' ones with the page flags, subject marker tabs etc. Thanks for sharing