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Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Back to the challenges

I think this is longest I've gone without posting on my blog but I haven't felt like making any cards since my marathon card making session last week. I had to start straight away on commissions I received at the Fayre on Saturday & the first one needed for today was a 90th birthday card. I received commissions for 2 birthday, 6 Communion & 2 wedding & each one chose the layout of the Golden Wedding Anniversary card posted earlier on my blog which I later adapted for FHC.

I stocked up this morning at my friends hairdressers & sold the prom card made for Cute Card Thursday & was asked to do a few more as it's prom season at the local school.

It was a good excuse to complete a couple of the sketch challenges I hadn't had chance to do yet so you'll have to forgive the repetitive theme !!

1 comment:

  1. Well done on all your card sales - I'm not surprised you sold so many - your cards are lovely - good luck with the commissions - I am giggling at the lady wanting the card for the lady sho wasn't expected to see Xmas - some folk are so miserable aren't they.