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Saturday, 10 May 2008

Phew - Thank goodness that's over !!!!

Well my card sale is over for another year!!! How much hard work was that for a 2 hour sale !!

I took a good selection of cards but as always there were one or two I didn't have. A 90th birthday card for (as the lady wanting it rather flipantly said) a woman who wasn't expected to live past Christmas!! so she didn't want anything cheerful. I would have thought it was a celebration that the lovely lady was still with us LOL!! and a male card for someone who didn't drink, didn't 'do' sport & she didn't know what his job was . . . . . . give me strength!!

This is the only sale I do as the rest of my cards are sold via hairdressers, staffrooms & friends workplace so that is enough to keep me going at the moment.

I took £92 in the 2 hours & have orders worth £35.00 so I was well chuffed as most of the cards were £1.75/£2.00.

Just glad I don't have to do one every week.
Thank you so much to everyone who wished me luck with the sale. It's very much appreciated.


  1. WOW!!! you did amazingly well, huge congrats for the money you made today also for your new orders xx vicki xx

  2. Yay -BIG congrats. I'm really happy for you :)

    Am wrecked with fatigue, a few little tears of exhaustion sliding south, have to go to bed although it's only 9 o'clock and worst of all haven't made anything in 3 days now...

    Nice to know that you are pinky and perky over there!

    Sweet dreams

    Sj xxx

  3. OMG!! Well done!! I hope I do half as well as you when I go to my first fair in a couple of weeks!

    Maybe you could give me a few tips!

    xx :0)

  4. Well done!That is great & boosts your confidence.
    I had chance of doing a show today but was £45 for a stall!!!! :o)x

  5. It was at Lotherton Hall (Leeds.my friend said there were other card stalls,so I wasn't prepared to chance it,I take so long to make a card & too personal to give away!!!!:o)x

  6. Slept round the clock and woke up thinking: great, let's get back to work. If only I could camp out in the back room there and take in some things to make it a little more comfortable! I'd start with a table and a comfortable craft making height chair. Add some card, paper, ribbons ( do you remember the good ole days of Mich's ribbon challenge -seems like years ago LOL), glue dots, double sided tape, scissors...... life would be so much better!!!

    Anyway -thanks to you I did get round to making a My Time to Craft ribbon card -which I hope you will visit in memory of those good ole days teeheehee

    Oodles and toodles,
    Sj xxxx

  7. Well done Sharon, but I'm not surprise your card are soooo good. I'm looking forward to looking at the cards you do for the orders.
    Love the black and white card below real class x vicki x

  8. Well done! Thats fab news! I'd love to have a go myself but not sure where to start!

    Now, a million thank you's for firstly tipping me off about the dots challenge on Funky Fairies and then again about the result! Cannot believe I won!! I never win anything!


  9. Cor, that's fab Sharon. Well done on all of your sales, not surprised though, your cards really are great!!
    Kerry xxx

  10. jlhzjThanks for the comment. Must have been my mood at the time (pmt or on-set of menopause LOL! Or maybe both ROFL) I actually like it now and have had a few commets about summer flowers etc

    Guess you are resting after Saturday. Well done again!

    Lots of xxxxxxxxxxxx


    P.S Today is Luke BIG day.........

  11. Nice one sharon, glad it was successful but you make lovely cards so not altogether surprised - Well done! ChrissyX

  12. Heavens -what will your cards be like if you are making them with your eyes crossed??? LOL Keep everything crossed -he should hear next Wednesday.

    Take care,
    Sj xxx

  13. Well done you.I'm not surprised though as your cards are gorgeous.

    Cass xx