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Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Funky Fairy Blog Candy

Funky Fairy are having a great Blog Candy giveaway.

"If you were a Fairy, what would you call yourself & what type
of Fairy would you be?!

Why don't you pop across. As they say, you have to be in it to win it!!


  1. Ok, Miss Merlot anytime you're on Fairy Duty, don't forget to head this way!!! You'll always be welcome!!! I was disappointed you didn't do the Rainbow Lady challenge this week. I had such a hard time with it and was hoping for some inspiration from you :( I guessed you were probably taking a well deserved break though.

    If you take a look at mine, I can promise you a hoot! Daughter No. 3 may like it, I hope. I've missed you and it would make my day if you peeped. Ta x

    Love all your cards, but the red dress takes the biscuit. Guess that's why there's no red dresses left LOL! Since when did proms come to the UK??? Is the sentiment a stamp?

    Love to all,

    SammieJay xxx

  2. Thanks for visiting. I know u r b.z. I appreciated u peeping cos it took a bit of brain work, that one! I'm pooped!!!
    Love to y'all!
    Sj xxx