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Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Daring Cardmakers Challenge

Here is my card for the challenge on Daring Cardmakers blog 'Shrink to Fit'
So this week I'd like you to think small - not small cards, but small spaces of embellishment on regular sized cards.
You are allowed to cover no more than a 5x5cms area of your card with paper or embellishment - the rest of the card must be left plain.
All my cards used to have white backgrounds but now they seem bare without backing paper, although the cuttlebug embossing folders compensate hugely when the background has to be white.
I haven't put this card out to sell yet as I think it's so cute & don't want to let it go until I make another one but I'm sure when I made this one I used the last of the B's LOL!!!


  1. Wow! I love this card Sharon, I have to make a baby card and you have inspired me thank you.
    Anice xx

  2. Its gorgeous hun.....I think I would struggle with so much white on a card...I haven't got a cuttlebug either. Nice job :-)

  3. well you'd better b off! lol!
    If I had some I'd send you some, but I don't. Maybe someone will help you out.
    Thougt of you today (more than once actually -when I saw yr sassy comment abt ribbons on Mich's blog!). In a magazine I saw a card with a few small beads threaded onto the safety pins of a bay card and they looked so cute. I was abt to buy some coloured saftey pins (less than half price at Lakeland right now everybody) but have decided I'll put some pale blue and pale pink beads on ordinary ones instead. I would buy new, but I can't afford the house extension accessory to go with them!!!!!!!
    I love the card especially the baby feet? Where di the pic come from?

  4. What a beautiful baby card - absolutely delightful, thanks so much for sharing it with us

  5. lovely card Sharon,well done!X

  6. BTW just suggested on my blog that people come and see this card. Hope you dont mind teeheehee.
    Bonne nuit
    SammieJay xxx

  7. Oh that is so sweet and lovely. I love the background and the feet and I love my cuttlebug too.
    I have a new challenge blog running if you would like to pop over and have a go. Found you from SammieJay by the way.
    Love Cynthia x

  8. oh wow Sharon is an adorable baby card, what an inspiration - I love it :-)x

  9. Hi Sharon,
    I would'nt want to let it go either, it's gorgeous!
    Been thinking about getting a cuttlebug for a while now....I think I can feel the urge to splurge! lol!