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Monday, 7 April 2008

Poppicraft Challenge - I Can't Believe I Won

To say I am over the moon is the biggest understatement. Words like ecstatic, choked, and gobsmacked all spring to mind.

The challenge was to make a card showing an unusual use of ribbon & submit it to Poppicrafts blog to win 50 yards of ribbon.

My original post can be found here.

I've rung everyone I know LOL!! I've even had my poor brother trying to navigate his way round the blogging world. Can you tell I've never won anything before!!


  1. Just checked out Poppicrafts site and am ecstatic for you. I told you this was the winner for me as it was IMHO the most original use of ribbon in the comp!
    Big time congrats! You deserve it. Now about that DT you were talking about ;-) BTW wanted to award you the Arte y Pico award, but you already have it -so consider yourself as having won another award! I'm adding you to my blog roll now -cos I don't want to lose you!
    Much love,
    SammieJay xxx

  2. Huge 'congrats' & I can see why you won, fab card & totally met the challenge. Well done you!!
    Kerry xx

  3. Champagne tonight then? lol
    You still on cloud nine?
    SJ x

  4. Fab Card Sharon! You certainly met the challenge. Well Done!X

  5. Well done you! Well deserved winner. Your card was fab with a great use of the ribbon.

    Cass xx

  6. Well done Sharon! you deserve it! xx

  7. Huge congrats ,so well desived ,fabulous card and idea ,Dawnx

  8. A well deserved win, very clever use of ribbon