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Monday, 28 April 2008

Mon nouvel ami Français

I hope I've translated that right lol!!

I've received an award from my 'New French Friend' Sammie who never fails to make me smile with her quirky comments & emails. I should really be sending this award straight back to her. So Sammie, consider it boomeranging back at ya! and I also give it to Michelle who made my day recently with a competition win. I always enjoy visiting her blog & shop, Poppicrafts, as she always has such gorgeous goodies for sale & is always sharing tips & ideas.


  1. Oh no!!! You just made me cry! Silly me!
    SJ xxx

  2. That inchy was harder than it looks, I tell you. I thought it would be a cinch and then I cut the 1 x 1 square and a very naughty word popped into my mind! Don't drop it -you'll never find it again! It was oodles of fun tho' and less space means less time so I reckon those inchies are worth pursuing -after all we girls know that size DOES matter ;-)

  3. Hi Sharon. Posted your candy today so it should be with your very soon. Sorry for the long delay.