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Tuesday, 8 April 2008

PIF Candy

I've been the lucky recipient of 2 lots of PIF Candy so it's my turn to put my first lot up for grabs. I've sorted out some goodies so the first 3 people to leave a comment on this post will win. The only stipulation is that you in turn must pass forward some candy.

Thanks for the comments. Well done to Kath, Tracy & Lainey **************************************************************


  1. Hi Sharon, I love reading your blog! I don't want to take one of the spots, but what is PIF Candy?

  2. Lucky you. Love the cards, all of them.

  3. Hi Sharon
    Love your cards - and pop by my blog for a chance to win some PIF candy

  4. Have just visited your site for the first time and absolutely love it. I'll be regularly visiting now for lots of inspiration.

  5. Hi Hun,
    So -no champagne her to launch you towards your future DT career? Mine's 13 in July as well so tell me abou the obsession with money! Well I'm not after YOUR PIF I'm just here to tell you that you won mine yesterday -so please send your postal address to me at buttonzandbradz@ hotmail.com. Exactly how many things have you won recently. May be you should exchange that ribbon for hard cash and use it to buil an extension to the house lol!
    Be back soon. BTW do you do Rainbow Lady's challenges?
    Sammie xxx