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Thursday, 3 April 2008

OUCH !!!!!

I've been tagged 3 times !!! by my new blogging buddies Cass, Janet, and Stacey so now I have to tell you 7 random facts about myself. Now stay awake, I'll try to type quickly LOL!!

1. I met my husband after beating him at pool only to find out he was the pubs pool team captain . . . he still reckons he let me beat him just so we'd have something to tell the children.

2. I played competitive netball until a few years ago, after starting at the age of 8.

3. I was in a trampolining team 'West Yorkshire Supertramps' . . . . . . . . I'd forgotten I was so sporty pre-children LOL!!

4. I have a tattoo at the base of my back, 3 hearts, one for each of my daughters, connected with a swirly vine.

5. I have my belly button pierced . . . . . my daughters think they have a trendy mum . . . . my DH thinks I've lost my marbles.

6. My mum & my DH's parents are Irish & it's our favorite place to holiday although it rains every time we go.

7. I start a diet every Monday morning and by Wed I'm raiding the girls chocolate stash & by Friday night I've opened another bottle of red . . . . . . back to Monday morning . . . .

So now I have to pass the tag on to 3 other unsuspecting victims. I've checked through my favorite blogs and I think I've found 3 who haven't been tagged before so, over to you Sue (Playing With Paper), Debs (Deb's Cards) and Karen (Krafty Kizzy). ENJOY !!

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