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Sunday, 20 April 2008

No cards made this weekend

What an emotional day I had yesterday. As a family we have been involved with Irish dancing for 7 years now & each of my girls have started to dance as soon as they were old enough (around 5 years old). Yesterday was the first time all 3 competed together as my youngest, who is 4, had her first feis (competition). As you can see, all 3 did really well and all won trophies, but the youngest came 2nd in her age group & for a child who before bedtime on Friday was flatly refusing to dance it was no mean feat LOL!!

It was probably the proudest day of my life so far & it was lovely to be able to have the photo taken to mark the occasion.

So, needless to say, no cards made this weekend LOL!!!


  1. Ahhhh, gorgeous girls, gorgeous photo. Can see why you are so proud!!
    Kerry xxx

  2. Well done! You must be a really proud mummy. They look gorgeous in their dresses (not sure if they have a proper name!)
    Cass xx

  3. Aww Sharon i'm not surprised you are a proud Mum.
    You've got 3 beautiful young ladies there.
    Well done girls for maikng your mum so proud!!
    Kerry x

  4. congratulations girls, you all look soooo beautiful, it's no wonder you are soooo proud Sharon. Well done xx vicki xx